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Holistic Massage Therapies

Holistic means "whole" -  working with all parts as a whole to restore health and harmony.  We offer a range of bodywork therapies drawing upon ancient wisdom and intuitive healing work. All massage sessions and treatments are tailored to your specific needs. Relax, re-align and replensih with a treatment of your choice...

Spirit of Healing Massage Yoga

- Deep Tissue Massage - Deep and powerful remedial bodywork for clearing tension and deeply rooted stress patterns.

- Healing Massage - Drawing upon ancient, traditional and modern bodywork techniques, this treatment blends essential oils, long flowing wave like massage movemnts and a gentle, nurturing touch. This massage is deeply relaxing and healing for body, mind and soul and may include energy work and the use of plants and essences.

- Altai Massage Therapy - Profound, healing bodywork rooted in the shamanic traditions of the Altai Mountains of Siberia. Altai Massage is a flowing, rhythmic, deep and transformative massage therapy that is very effective for releasing tension, stress, physical and emotional imbalances, and for igniting transformation in your life ..

- Intuitive Bodywork - Intuitive bodywork is given either as an oil based massage or through clothing and can be given with deep pressure or with a lighter touch. These sessions lay emphasis on energetic healing and balancing on the physical, emtional, mental and spiritual levels.

- Facial Treatmets - Deeply cleansing, rejuvenating and calming for the skin and upper body, while soothing the mind. This treatment includes an exfoliating treatment, Dead Sea Mud Mask, head, neck and shoulder massage, followed by an harmonising facial massage with quality aromatherapy oils.

- Part Body Treatment - Shorter sessions with a focus on either Upper Body (back, neck and head), Lower Body (lower back, hips, legs and feet), Back Body or Front Body.

- Retreats and group bookings - Packages are tailor made for individuals, couples and groups and can include massage and healing sessions, spa treatments and yoga classes/private tuition for the day, weekend, or longer. 

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