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Aluna, The Kogi and The Heart of The World 
Mama-Manuel-Kogi-smIn South America there is an ancient civilization that has remained untainted by the modern world, an indigenous tribe called the Kogi who live in Colombia on an isolated five-mile-high mountain. Their remarkable way of life was unveiled as teachings for the world in the 1990 BBC TV-documentary “From the Heart of the World,” the 1992 book The Elder Brothers by Alan Ereira, and the 2012 feature film documentary “Aluna”. 
The word Aluna comes from the Kogi, and represents the spirit world, the dream of The Great Mother, where the living knowledge, the seed, the essence of all things exist before manifesting into our physical world. Through connecting and aligning ourselves with Aluna, we naturally begin to open our eyes to the Dream and Will of the Great Mother. Through this alignment we can begin to recapitulate the cause of our imbalances, and see that it’s our individual soul’s responsibility to rectify the offenses that have left us with outstanding debts to The Mother. We each have a contract with our Great other, who gives us life, and when we do not fulfill what we have agreed to do; we accrue spiritual debt as the energy she has given is not honored with sacred reciprocity.
The Kogi decided to speak out because they see our modern way of life is destroying the earth and failing to maintain the balance required by Aluna, mother of the world. They see the Earth itself is a living body in which everything is interconnected (including the physical world and the spirit world) and that damage to some of it is damage to all of it.
 May we as a people return to the ways of harmony and balance, finding the courage to take responsibility for all of our actions. We each have the power to choose to walk in beauty and peace -- to care for and protect one another and our Earth. Every thought, every word, every sound is a vibration that echoes throughout the entire universe...
 From the Heart of the World - Elder Brothers Warning documentary by the Kogi
The Elder Brothers Warning book by Alan Eriera
The book "The Elder Brothers" (also published as "The Heart of the World") by Alan Eriera offers a precious insight into the Kogi way of life and the wisdom that they hold for all of the world..
The Heart Of The World
Aluna the Movie
'Aluna' has now been released - a crucial message from the mama's for all of us in this time - to watch, listen, feel and take into our hearts and lives.
It is recommended to watch the Heart of The World first (if you haven't seen it already), followed by Aluna, which you can download and purchase by clicking on this link: http://www.alunathemovie.com/find/
Aluna the Movie i
Please pass this on and help to spread this ancient, sacred and vital wsidom to the people of our world..
You can also offer reciprocity and support the work of the mama's by donating to the Tairona Heritage Trust, who work on behalf of Gonavindua Tairona - the political organisation founded by the the Mamas. Monies donated are, under the guidance of the mamas, used for the preservation and purchase of their ancient territories and sacred lands.

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